DOs & DON’Ts

Ø    Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

Ø   Swimmers suffering from any skin disease or infection shall not be allowed to use the pool. Any person suffering  from light illness  such as asthma and heart problems are advised to consult medical opinion before using the swimming pool.

Ø   Swimmers must wear appropriate swimsuits.

Ø    Body applications such as santan oil, skin lotion are to be removed/ washed off before entering pool.

Ø    While in the pool, no spitting, spouting, nose-blowing, urinating and the like shall be permitted.

Ø   No hair pins, rollers, safety pins and other like object shall be worn by any persons while in the swimming pool or children’s pool.

Ø   No life belts, air mattresses, toys, balls or similar articles other than light beach balls shall be used in the main pools      except children’s pool.

Ø   No radios, gramophones, tape recorders, musical or other similar instruments may be used in the swimming pool and premises.

Ø   No animals are allowed in the swimming pools and premises.

Ø   No smoking and indiscriminate spitting are allowed in the swimming pool and its premises.

Ø   Snorkels, flippers, scuba gear, inflated tubes, raft and similar object shall be permitted to be used in the swimming pools except if worn or used by children for safety reason.

Ø   No shoes, slippers and other footwear’s are allowed in the swimming pool except in the designated area.

Ø   No maids are permitted to enter the swimming pools. They shall have access to the surrounds of the children’s pool      only.

Ø    Any disorderly, indecent exposure or unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

Ø     Filtration Plant building is out of bound to members.